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Courtney McInvale, Author, Historian and Storyteller is available for speaking engagements. You can learn more about Courtney's experience and expertise by reading her bio here. Please explore the options for private events below. We are confident we can create a unique experience for your event. Please contact us via email to book.

  • Civil War Ghosts
    The Civil War is known as the bloodiest and most violent time in American’s history – totaling over half a million casualties and a divided nation, the country saw thousands of battles. An era filled with soldiers fiercely defending their beliefs, homes and fighting for rights, young men met their ends in mass numbers and their spirits lost in the tragedy of war were left with stories to tell. In Courtney’s Bury my Bones book series, she travels to battle sites, homes, cemeteries and more of the men and women involved in the Civil War searching for stories and spirits. The Civil War ghosts lecture highlights some of the men and women involved, notable battles and the spiritual beliefs of the 19th century that have carried through to today. From legends to hauntings, there’s no shortage of fascinating dark history from the mid-19th century. (Lectures can be focused on Union or Confederacy) Including Ghosts of Gettysburg, Ghosts of Antietam and Ghosts of Chickamauga: Gettysburg is considered the deadliest battle of the Civil War, a 3-day battle in the sweltering July sun of 1863 led to the casualties of more than 50,000 people. Gettysburg is an area known for their hauntings and in fact, the hauntings of Gettysburg were reported upon the soldier’s arrival to the rural Pennsylvania town. Antietam is considered the bloodiest day in American History and Chickamauga the deadliest battle of the Western Theater. Join Courtney for a talk about the ghost stories and notable deaths of the Civil War’s fiercest battles with highlights of men from Connecticut and Georgia.
  • Civil War Ghosts of Georgia
    Focusing on Civil War Ghosts throughout Georgia, from north Georgia's bloody battlefield of Chickamauga, to the devastating Atlanta Campaign, beyond to the shoreline of Savannah and the carnage during the March to the Sea all the way to the haunts of famous Civil War prisons, forts and cemeteries throughout the deep South, Georgia's Civil War legends range from the macabre and the bloody to the heroic and inspirational. Hear the true tales of Georgia men throughout the Civil War and the haunted landscape of the Peach State. Courtney's second installment in the Bury my Bones series will be highlighted, Civil War Ghosts of Georgia. (Release Fall 2023)
  • Revolutionary War Ghosts
    A nation burgeoned forward in the late 18th century and Patriots emerged to form a nation with less taxes and more freedoms. The American dream was born. Who were the Patriots involved? Who died for the cause and where did they live, fight and die. New England has no shortage of Revolutionary stomping grounds. Join Courtney on a journey through Connecticut’s notable Revolutionary sites and through tales of heroes, traitors and the souls left behind. Hear tales of Revolutionary Women, without whom the war could not have been won. Find out the paranormal and the historical --- and find out why they call Connecticut “still revolutionary.”
  • Haunted Mystic
    Courtney’s first book and first tour travel through the heart of Connecticut’s famous seafaring village of Mystic. From it’s roots in the Pequot tribe, the early violence in the Pequot War and Mystic Massacre through to King Philip’s War, the Revolution, the industrial Revolution, the shipbuilding, the Civil War and more, Haunted Mystic’s lecture travels through the sites of Mystic’s notable residents, creepiest legends and fascinating dark history.
  • Hauntings of Southern New England (Mystic, Concord, Westerly, Salem and more)
    Courtney formed Seaside Shadows in 2013 highlighting the haunts of Mystic Country, Connecticut and expanding into surrounding regions throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Join Courtney for tales of ghosts, legends and lore around New England – perfect for the Halloween season or any haunted event. (Towns include: Mystic, New London, Groton (CT), Concord, Salem, (MA), Westerly (RI) and more. Find out other notable legends from surrounding regions.
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