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Seaside Events Post copy.png


Coast to Coast AM
Ep. "UAP Disclosure/Haunted Battlefields 12.27.23:"
Listen FREE HERE on Coast to Coast AM Official YouTube, Ep: Spirits of Valor: Tales from America's Haunted Battlefields

Listen to Full Episode HERE (Hours 3 & 4)
Listen to Highlights from Civil War Ghosts Episode on Spotify: HERE or Apple Podcasts HERE

Weirdsterly Radio - Friday Fright Night
Recurring Guest - Last  Friday of Every Month 

The Paranormal Dolls/Conscious Awakening Network

Ep: The Paranormal Dolls with Guest, Courtney McInvale 2.12.24

California Haunts Radio
Ep: Ghosts of the Civil War with Courtney McInvale 1.29.24

The Kate Dalley Show/Patriot Radio/FrankSpeech

Ep: "Courtney McInvale - Stories Not Heard About Civil War, Revolution, Their Mindset & Stories" 1.26.24

The Last Frequency/Columbia SC Talk Radio AM/FM

Ep: "The Last Frequency with Michael Vara; Guest: Courtney McInvale" 1.19.24

The Credible Brand
Ep: 16: "A Decade of Haunting Success: Courtney McInvale on Building Seaside Shadows from Childhood Dreams to Ghostly Empire" 1.4.24

The Grave Talks
Ep: "Civil War Ghosts of Georgia, Part One with Courtney McInvale" 11.13.23

The Grave Talks
Ep: "Civil War Ghosts of Georgia, Part Two with Courtney McInvale" 11.13.23

The Paranormal Dolls
Ep: "The Paranormal Dolls with Courtney McInvale" 4.14.23

A World Awakening with Andrea Perron:
Ep. "With Special Guest Courtney McInvale" 3.18.21


Walker County Messenger/The Catoosa County News
Author of Books about Civil War Ghosts to Address Walker Historical Society 10.7.23

Historic Macon Foundation
Roll calls of the dead. The Green-Eyed Monster. Ghostly figures beckoning soldiers to follow them.
Author Courtney McInvale's presentation from her new book, "Civil War Ghosts of Georgia," drew 75 people to Riverside Cemetery's mausoleum Thursday evening for our latest Sidney's Salon...

LaGrange College
The Intersections of History, Writing & Entrepreneurship &
Class Program: Haunted History; Fact or Fiction in Legends & Lore 10.26.23 

Clermont Historical Society
Author Courtney McInvale did not disappoint us with her stories from so many Civil War battles that took place right here in our beloved Georgia...11.15.23

The Gainesville Times
Civil War Ghosts of Georgia at Longstreet Society...10.17.23

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