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Civil War Ghosts of Georgia Volume 1 (Bury My Bones)

Courtney begins our haunted history journey with Volume One on Civil War Ghosts of Georgia surveying the sites of bloody engagements as the Civil War raged through Georgia, starting in the mountains of northwest Georgia at Chickamauga through the Atlanta Campaign and the infamous March to the Sea the following year. But, Georgia's time in the war truly began in 1861. As the war slowly made its way to Georgia's doorstep in the first couple of years before it left the fighting men of the North and South on the battlefields of their Western Theater landscape, Georgia's sons found themselves across the Eastern Theater from Chancellorsville to Gettysburg, Sharpsburg to Murfreesboro and beyond. Soldiers and Generals left home in hopes of securing a Confederacy and maintaining their views on life in the South. Georgia had one of the largest shows of force and provided a massive landscape to the American Civil War. As such, there remains a spirit of a fighting Georgia, spirits of her conflicted past and plentiful tales of souls who have long left this physical world, yet have left behind legacies, legend, and tales of curious lore. There's even a legendary Georgia canine who bequeathed unto us a story of love and loyalty in a time fraught with death and fear. Explore where the men of Georgia fought and how they banded together as brothers in arms, as friends and as family. Journey through the war in Georgia's backyard and beyond. Learn how the Georgia of present is still defined by the harrowing past of 1861-1865 in Civil War Ghosts of Georgia.

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Civil War Ghosts of Connecticut (Bury My Bones)

Follow the haunting tales of Connecticut's role in America's Civil War through the eyes of those who fought in it. From Generals Mansfield and Lyon to Privates Tarbox and Brooks, discover the harrowing tales of grizzled soldiers - in this world and beyond - fighting against countrymen and brothers. Explore the tales of the segregated ranks like the Irish and Colored Regiments as well as the abolitionists and provisions suppliers, including Harriet Beecher Stowe and Samuel Colt. The stories of these people's lives carry on through the hauntings and ghost stories that now permeate throughout the countryside, collected and retold by author, tour guide, and psychic medium Courtney McInvale who visited and researched countless battle sites, prisons, museums, and historic homesteads to present this haunted history of Connecticut. More than just ghost stories told during the Victorian era - although some of those are certainly included - Civil War Ghosts of Connecticut paints a colorful, but sobering, landscape of the deadliest time in American history.

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Revolutionary War Ghosts of Connecticut

Bloody battlefields and raucous taverns in Connecticut served as the backdrop for pivotal figures and bold actions vital to the American Revolution. Nathan Hale is said to still conduct lessons in New London and East Haddam, and many suspect that George Washington occasionally visits the Shaw Mansion and Fairfield's Sun Tavern. The presence of notorious traitor Benedict Arnold is often felt in the Leffingwell Inn and at Ye Antientist Burial Ground in New London, where he commanded troops numbering 1,600 as a newly turned Loyalist. Picnickers claim to see apparitions of wounded soldiers seated among them at Fort Griswold in Groton. Step foot into a time when the Sons of Liberty, Tories and Patriots changed the course of history as author Courtney McInvale uncovers the Revolutionary haunts of Connecticut.

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Haunted Mystic

Restless souls still linger along the docks and streets of Mystic, Connecticut. The old sea village has a dark and turbulent past, and there are supernatural sightings on both the Stonington and Groton sides of the Mystic River Bascule Bridge. The Mystic Massacre of the Pequot Indians in 1637 left the land cursed for centuries by ravaging fires. A Revolutionary War hero and sea captain still keeps watch over his namesake Daniel Packer Inne. In the defunct Factory Square, phantom factory workers report to their jobs in the dead of night. From vanishing ghost ships and opinionated colonial chefs to disembodied laughter and chilling apparitions, the past possesses the Mystic landscape. Join ghost guide Courtney McInvale as she walks with the spirits that continue to haunt the streets of Mystic.

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